Maira and Johny Fundraiser at Longmont Dental Loft

Support Johny’s fight against leukemia

Johny is the two-year-old son of our assistant, Maira.  Earlier this summer he was having trouble breathing and had facial swelling.  Maira and her husband thought it was just a case of allergies, however none of his treatments for allergies were effective.  Finally, they took Johny to Children’s Hospital in Denver.  Within 30 minutes of being there they heard the diagnosis that no parents ever want to hear.  Johny has AML Leukemia. 

Within just 4 days after the diagnosis, Johny started chemotherapy.  This involves 10 days of chemotherapy and then 2 weeks off, for a total of 5 cycles.  The goal is for him to be finished in December and then he will be able to go back home.

The good news is Johny is responding extremely well to treatments and is already in remission.  However, the financial impact is already taking a huge toll on Maira’s family.  As her work family we want to do all we can do to help Maira out during this difficult time.  We’ve already started helping her out financially, but she needs even more help.   We would love your assistance with supporting Johny’s journey to regaining his health.

The financial impact

Since Maira must be Johny’s side during his months long stay in the hospital she isn’t able to work during this time.  Unfortunately, Maira is not eligible for unemployment insurance benefits as she isn’t available to work.  Therefore, she’s in a difficult situation where she doesn’t have the income to support their family.  As mentioned, our office has helped Maira financially, but we can’t do it all on our own and Maira needs more help so she doesn’t lose her house and can pay other household expenses such as food and utility bills. 

How can I help?

You can help by donating items for the silent auction, attending the fundraising event, or donating money on GoFundMe.

Go to our Fundraising Event

We are holding a fundraising event at the Longmont Dental Loft office on September 13th to help support Maira and Johny.  All proceeds will go to Maira’s family.   Our goal for the fundraiser it to raise $7,000

The fundraiser is open to the public in addition to our patients.  We will have food and beverages and the highlight will be a silent auction to raise money for Maira.  We’re going to have excellent items to bid on and we’re excited about this.  During the next month we will update this post to include a highlight of items you can win.

Longmont Dental Loft, Suite 309
1325 Dry Creek Dr.
Longmont, CO 80503

Friday, September 13th
5-7 PM

To donate items for the fundraiser

If you are interested in donating items for the fundraiser, your help is greatly appreciated.  Please email us at johnysjourney@longmontdentalloft.

Donated items can be sent to the following address:
Longmont Dental Loft
ATTN: Jennifer Kaufman
1325 Dry Creek Dr. STE 309
Longmont, CO 80503

Donate now:

Maira’s family has set up a GoFundMe page.  If you would like to make a donation, it can be found by clicking here.


Maria’s Caring Bridge page can be visited by clicking here.  As a note with donations, please donate via GoFundMe as opposed to on Caring Bridge.

Stay up to date:

During the next few months we will be updating this blog with the latest updates.  For example we will be posting a highlight of the items for the silent auction.   Please visit us often to hear about the latest information regarding how you can help Johny.


Contact us at:


As of September 5th the silent auction items are:
Invisalign Case (Value of $5500):
Hyatt Place Scottsdale, 1 night stay
Bronwen Jewelry
Chainsmokers Tickets (3)
Anytime Fitness 3 month membership
Anytime Fitness personal training sessions (3)
Sonicare Toothbrush
Zoom Whitening
Standing Rib Roast (15lbs)
Sunflower Spa $100 Gift Card
Sunflower Spa lotion
The Gym at Prospect 6 month membership
Sanitas Crossfit 1 month membership
Sugar Mill Purse
Sugar Mill Gift Certificate
Sugar Mill Cutting Board

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