longmont sleep study at home

Longmont Sleep Studies

If you suffer from symptoms of sleep apnea, we recommend getting a sleep study.  In order to properly treat sleep apnea, you will first need a diagnosis.  The results of the test will not only tell if you have sleep apnea, but also what type of the condition you have.

Dr. Hedrick is a sleep apnea dentist that is professionally trained to perform sleep studies.  Best of all, there are many advantages of having a dentist perform this test rather than going to a traditional sleep center.

Why See a Dentist for a Sleep Apnea Test?

When it comes to testing sleep apnea there are two major professionals that can conduct testing: sleep centers and dentists. If you see a dentist for a sleep study, you will have the following advantages:

  • Sleep at home: Not only is sleeping at home more comforting, but it also makes the sleep study results more accurate as you’re getting testing in your home as opposed to an unfamiliar setting.
  • Cost: Traditional Sleep centers have huge overhead. They have large complex equipment that is expensive to purchase. Luckily due to technological advances testing equipment can be much smaller and more cost effective. The equipment that dentists use for sleep studies is very accurate and much more cost effective.

Does Insurance Pay for a Sleep Study

Typically insurance does not pay for sleep studies.  However, the good news is sleep studies are way more affordable than they used to be. In fact a home sleep study ordered from our Longmont office is $250.

Home Sleep Study Process

Testing Equipment

We will provide you with a monitor that is worn around the chest, a nasal cannula, as well as a pulse oximeter. This will measure both your breathing and oxygen levels. You will be using this at home during the sleep study.

Sleep Apnea Test

The testing will take place over 1-2 nights. It’s a very simple process and is not uncomfortable.

Test Results

After the equipment is returned to our office, we will upload the files to a physician. Although we’re trained to administer the tests and treat sleep apnea, only a physician can diagnose sleep apnea. The results will include an AHI. This stands for Apnea Hypopnea Index. Based on the AHI the severity of sleep apnea is determined.


After your sleep study is performed, your sleep will be scored and you will will be given an AHI number.  This will determine if you  have OSA as well as the severity.  According to Harvard Sleep Medicine the AHI ranges are categorized as:

  • 0-4: None/Minimal Severity
  • 5-14: Mild
  • 15-29: Moderate
  • 30+: Severe


If you are diagnosed with sleep apnea, Dr. Hedrick will make a recommendation for treatment.  If you have a medium to mild form, we will be able to provide sleep apnea treatment from our Longmont office without you having to anywhere else.

Why Get a Sleep Study from Longmont Dental Loft?

Dr. Hedrick is well trained in performing sleep studies and has helped many patients treat sleep apnea. In fact, she has even fitted herself with a sleep device with successful results.

As previously mentioned, by going to a dentist for the sleep study, you will be able to have the test done in the comfort of your home at a much more affordable price than if you would go to a sleep center.

Finally, if you get diagnosed with mild to moderate sleep apnea, Dr. Hedrick can order a custom sleep appliance that will treat your sleep apnea and help you feel better. Contact Longmont Dental Loft at 303-772-6333 to learn more about how we can help you.