According to the CDC, approximately 91% of adults in the United States have had a dental cavity. For something that affects nearly the entire population, chances are you’ve also had at least one cavity — and a filling too. But fillings, like

Bone Grafted Before Placing a Dental Implant “As a dentist, when you mention a dental bone graft to a patient it tends to scare people” says Dr. Adrienne Hedrick.  “However, a bone graft is one of the easiest and most simple

Do you have Invisalign and want to get the most out of your investment?  Are you considering getting clear aligners and want to know more about what is involved?  Are you wondering if you should take your Invisalign trays out

Johny is the two-year-old son of our assistant, Maira.  Earlier this summer he was having trouble breathing and had facial swelling.  Maira and her husband thought it was just a case of allergies, however none of his treatments for allergies were effective.  Finally, they

Earlier this month, the team at Longmont Dental Loft traveled to Phoenix, Arizona to participate in a class on periodontal disease.  The class was amazing and there were a lot of eye-opening things that we learned. For example there

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