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As your Longmont mouth guard specialist, Dr. Hedrick can create a custom-tailored mouth protector for you. The mouth protectors that she designs are custom tailored for your mouth and will be a perfect fit.

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Custom night guard in clear

What is a Mouth Guard?

A mouth guard is a device that covers the teeth and gums to prevent injury. They are also known as mouth protectors. There are many different types depending on the purpose.

Many patients think that a mouth guard is a simple appliance that is easy to make. They seem simple, but the fact is creating a high-quality mouth guard takes a lot of skill and effort. Not only does Dr. Hedrick take the 3D image of your teeth, but she will also analyze your bite.

Where Can You Get a Mouth Guard?

Although you can get an over the counter mouth guard from a pharmacy or sporting goods store, they won’t come close to matching the quality of a custom fitted mouth guard. Custom made mouth guards are designed to have a perfect fit.

Although a custom mouth guard is more expensive than the type you would buy on Amazon, it offers superior a superior fit and protection. If you’re going to be wearing a mouth guard several hours a day often people find that it’s worth it to spend more on something that’s custom made for them.

At Longmont Dental Loft Dr. Hedrick has been fitting patients for custom mouth guards for years with excellent results. She would be happy to help you get a mouth guard that is tailor made to your mouth.

What is the Cause of My Teeth Wear?

Tooth wear is usually a gradual process and can be difficult to notice before it’s too late. Luckily, our Longmont, CO office is equipped with iTero scanners. These amazing pieces of technology will scan your teeth and create a 3D image.

During each dental visit we can “stack” your most recent scan with scans that were taken in the past. This will allow us to see the changes in your teeth over time. If there is excessive wear, you will be able to see it thanks to our iTero scanner. Therefore, premature teeth ware can be addressed before it becomes a bigger problem.

When we see excessive tooth wear, the location of the wear makes a difference. The causes of the front teeth wearing down is often different than the rear teeth.

Front Teeth Wear

If your front teeth are worn but not your rear teeth, it’s a sign of grinding teeth during the day. Typically, this is common for people that sit down all day at work. When you slightly move the lower jaw forward it releases serotonin from the brain and it’s a stress reliever. In addition to relieving stress, this will cause premature wear on teeth. The good news is if you’re aware of the problem then you may able to stop grinding your teeth during the day. And if it continues, we can always make you a day guard.

Back Teeth Wear

Teeth wear on the rear teeth is strongly correlated with sleep apnea. It’s caused by the body moving the jaw in an attempt to get more airway space. For decades people were told that all teeth grinding was due to stress. However, if it’s at night it can be a sign of sleep apnea.

If you have teeth wear in the rear of your mouth, it’s important to discuss sleep apnea. Dr. Hedrick can provide a sleep study that you can do in the comfort of your own home. It’s important to get tested if you may have sleep apnea. Not only will treating sleep apnea make you feel better, but not treating sleep apnea can reduce your lifespan.

What are the Different Types of Mouth Guards?

Athletic Mouth Guards

If you play contact sports, we recommend wearing an athletic mouth guard to protect your teeth. When worn properly these do a great job of preventing dental trauma such as fractured teeth. And you can look stylish in them as well as they come on over 20 colors!

Night Guards

Grinding teeth at night is a common issue that leads to premature ware on teeth. Luckily, there is a simple solution that involves wearing a night guard. With this device if you grind or clinch your teeth at night, the friction will be on the mouth guards as opposed to your teeth, preventing wear.

Day Guards

These devices are like Invisalign trays, except they won’t move your teeth. Just like with Invisalign they are often clear and discreet. Unlike night guards, they are less bulky and it’s easier to speak with the device in your mouth.

Sleep Apnea Device

For patients that have mild to moderate sleep apnea, a sleep apnea device may be a solution. Dr. Hedrick performs sleep studies and if you are diagnosed with sleep apnea then we can create a sleep apnea device for you. The type of sleep device that we use is called a Mandibular Advancement Device. It’s a small device that looks like a retainer that fits in your mouth. It also functions as a mouth guard as it will prevent tooth ware from grinding teeth at night.


Not only do clear aligners straighten teeth, but they also act as a mouthguard. Of course, they don’t offer protection for sports, but they will prevent teeth wear during the day or night.

What are the Color Options for Mouth Guards?

The all-important question about colors! Mouth guards don’t have to be boring and they come in a wide variety of colors. For example, our night guards come in blue, pink, and green. And you can really get crazy with athletic mouth guards as they come in over 30 colors!

What is the process for getting a Custom fitted Mouth Guard?

The process starts with getting your mouth scanned with our iTero scanner. This device creates a 3D image of your mouth which will enable us to create a mouth guard that gives you a perfect fit. After we do the scan, we will send this to the lab, and they will create the nightguard within a few weeks. After the nightguard is created you will come into our Longmont office and we will make sure it’s comfortable and you’re biting correctly. This is an important step because if it’s not a proper fit it can cause you to clinch and grind more than you typically would.

Does Insurance Cover a Custom Mouth Guard?

Insurance typically covers about 50-80% of the cost for a custom fitted mouth guard.

Why get a custom fitted Mouth Guard at Longmont Dental Loft?

Dr. Hedrick has helped many patients protect their teeth with custom mouth guards. She will make sure that you not only get the perfect fit, but also get the right type of mouth guard as well. And of course, all our cutting-edge technology such as the iTero scanner will make sure your getting the best fitting mouth guard possible. And if you’re going spend so much time wearing a mouth guard, it’s important that it offers a superior fit.

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